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The importance of what we do is reflected in the quality of our relationships.

Our emphasis is on long-term partnerships. Therefore we have made proximity to our customers and employees our business principle.


Proximity is the basis for trust. For this reason, we are where our customers are. This goes much further than spatial presence. We strive to create cooperative partnerships and prove our value through performance and results. We believe trust is a fundamental part of business.


We assume responsibility, in both a business and a social sense. We aim to contribute to the positive development of both customers and employees. In this spirit, we treat people respectfully and exercise caution in dealing with sensitive data.


We are committed to the development of individuals and businesses. We are create new perspectives by expanding the scope of opportunities, and develop creative solutions with the goal of achieving added value.


We see ourselves as part of a networked world. This is why we respect everybody's right to individuality. In increasingly complex structures and systems, we offer guidance and security with a clear understanding of values. Our aim is to develop long-term relationships.