WOOL Magazine 5.0 - Data, Instinct, Technology: The New Backbone of Luxury

The new WOOL Magazine seeks to not just fascinate you with riveting content but also provoke and inspire thinking. This edition has an array of thought-leaders and the movers and shakers from varied industries, gracing our magazine:

  • Maureen Chiquet, former CEO - Chanel, speaks about her "French connection" and her foray into the luxury retail industry
  • Tzipi Avioz, Director, Technology and Operations at AMP, Australia and New Zealand, on how emerging technologies will redefine the financial sector
  • ANZ's CIO Gerard Florian joins us from the Down Under and goes eloquent about ANZ's digital transformation journey and also details the ABCs- Agile, Blockchain, Cloud, of the future
  • Seth Godin about the big marketing mistakes organizations make and the importance of permission marketing
  • ... find out more in http://woolmagazine.com
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